Here comes another tutorial which will guide you to install various fonts on your android phone so that they can be viewed in word, excel, power point files with the help of WPS Office. After completing this tutorial you can read/edit those documents which comes with fonts which are not otherwise present in your phone and they are not displayed properly.

Things you need:

  1. WPS Office installed on your phone.

  2. Various Punjabi, Hindi and other fonts which you need.

  3. ES File Explorer installed on your phone (Or any other capable file explorer).


  1. Install WPS Office from here (Size 21 mb, Latest version is 9.2 at the time of writing of this tutorial).

  2. Install ES File Explorer from here (Size 4.38 mb, Latest version is at the time of writing of this tutorial).

  3. Open WPS Office app once and close it.

  4. Open ES File Explorer on your phone and make hidden files visible. To do this tap on upper left Corner>Settings>Display Settings>Show hidden files. Make sure to ‘tick’ this option. Screenshots are given below for your help.

Screen 1    Screen 2    Screen 3      Screen 4

4. Place your fonts (Punjabi, Hindi, Others) in .fonts folder. For this Open ES Explorer, tap on Internal Memory Drive of your phone (usually denoted by 0) > Android > data > cn.wps.moffice_eng > .cache > KingsoftOffice > .fonts. Paste all your needed fonts in this folder. Check the screenshots for help.

Screen 5      Screen 6      Screen 7      Screen 8      Screen 9      Screen 10

In case if you need some popular punjabi fonts like AmrLipi, Anmollipi, Amritboli, Amrit-Lipi2, AmritLipi, AnmolKalmi, Asees, Joy, GurmukhiLys20 etc i have uploaded these for you. DOWNLOAD PUNJABI FONTS (Size 246kb, rar file, you have to extract these fonts from archive to use them)

5. Open WPS Office.

6. Now you will be able to view and use installed fonts. If not working, close WPS Office and open it again. 



Quick Specs : 1.2 ghz quad core qualcomm processor, 1 gb ram, Adreno 305 gpu, Android 4.3, 4 inch tft display, Dual Sim (dual standby), 5 mp fixed focus rear camera.

Box Contents : Phone, Battery, Flip Cover, Earphones, Charger, Data Cable, Screen Guard, Warranty Card.

Design and Looks : Looks are not that great, as the phone is bulky (10.6 mm at width). Weight is 135 grams approx. But it is good for a budget phone. Build quality is average. A minor fall in my case, left 1/3rd of display ‘black’ on 2nd day of usage. Got it replaced for Rs 1800

Display : Tft Display has average viewing angles, brightness and color production. The display is of 480 x 800 resolution (233 ppi). Pixels are visible if you look close.

Storage : Out of 4 gb internal memory, 2.5 gb is available to the user. (1 gb of which is allocated to install apps). Out of the 1 gb ram only 924 mb ram is available. Free Ram on first boot is about 400 mb. Apps cannot be moved to external storage.

Performance : The interface of the phone is smooth. Navigating through menus is lag free. There is minor stutter sometimes while opening gallery etc. but its not a deal breaker. Lava has promised kitkat update for this one (mentioned on the box) which will make the phone a bit more fast.

Sound : The audio quality is good and loud.

Benchmarks : Running Antutu Benchmark gives a score of 16596 which is good score considering the budget.


Camera : Camera Quality is good for a budget phone. The shots in daylight are good. But indoors the shots turns out to be grainy (as with most phones). The led flash isn’t that great when taking night shots. Phone supports HDR, Panorama, Continuous Shot etc.  Video recording is in 720p resolution and is of ok quality. Front camera is bad.









(Indoor in lights)

Gaming : The phone is good at gaming. I played Temple Run Oz on high settings, the gameplay was smooth and lag free. The box mentions the gpu as ‘Adreno 302’, but actually it is ‘Adreno 305’


Battery : Battery life of the phone is average (1700 mah). Specially if the screen brightness is set anywhere from mid level to high, the battery drains quite fast. You can expect 8-10 hours on medium usage. 

Other Features : USB On The Go is not supported. There are accelerometer, proximity and light sensors. It supports 2 normal sims. There is a microsd slot as well.


Conclusion : Lava Iris 406q is a good phone performance wise. But i am not impressed with its looks and build quality. Phone with similar or better features are now available in this budget. Like Xolo Q600s, Moto E and Micromax Unite 2. Micromax Unite 2 definitely looks better bet then this.

 Any queries are welcome in comments below.


Sometime you open a Word, Excel, PowerPoint file on your smartphone and the text is not readable or doesn’t make any sense. The problem is due to lack of particular font in which the document is originally written. With this tutorial you can now use any font on your phone with the help of Kingsoft Office. I have taken example of installing Punjabi Fonts, but you can install any other font as you wish.

This tutorial will guide you to view Punjabi fonts in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Notepad  files on your android smartphone. Not only you can view Punjabi font but you can also edit it. This will resolve such problems when you are unable to read your document because of a particular font not present in your smartphone.

Things you need

  1. ‘Kingsoft Office’ app for your phone. Size 15.5mb (Download link here)

  2. ‘Kingsoft Office XPlats’ for windows. Size 4.07mb (Download link here )

  3. Various Punjabi fonts installed on a windows based PC

  4. A Facebook, Twitter or Google (gmail) account

Summary of Steps to view any font on your phone

  1. Install Kingsoft Office in your phone and Kingsoft Office XPlats in your PC

  2. Use XPlats on your PC to upload the required fonts from your PC to Cloud

  3. Use Kingsoft Office app on your phone to download the fonts from Cloud to your phone

  4. Now you are able to view documents saved in the fonts you just downloaded.

Detail of Steps to view Punjabi (or any other) Font on your Smartphone

     1. Install Kingsoft Office in your phone.

     2. Install required Punjabi fonts (like Asees, AnmolLipi etc) in your PC.

     3. Install Kingsoft Office XPlats v1.4  in your PC.

   4. Run XPlats on your PC. You will be presented with the following screen

start screen xplats

     5. Click on Sign in. There are three options to sign in as visible in the next screenshot.

sign in screen xplats

You can use your existing Google (gmail) account, Facebook account or Twitter account to sign in. Somehow the first two didn’t work for me. Though it may work for you. So I am going with the twitter option.

     6. Click on Twitter. Enter your twitter username and password. After successful login the next screen appears

(Note: If some certificate warning appears, click on ‘Yes’ to proceed)

authorise twitter on xplats

7. Click on Authorize app. On Next Screen, Click on Cloud Fonts and then System Option as shown in the red circles.

system fonts

Here all the fonts installed on your PC will be shown.

     8. Click on the required fonts and choose to upload. The selected fonts will be uploaded to the cloud, which we will be downloading in our smartphone later. I have selected and uploaded fonts like ‘AmritLipi’, ‘AnmolLipi’, ‘Asees’, ‘Joy’ etc which are the most popular Punjabi fonts.

     9. Click on the ‘Cloud’ option. You can see the fonts which you have successfully uploaded to the cloud.

cloud fonts option xplats

Major task is done here. Just a few steps on your phone remains

   10. Run Kingsoft Office app on your phone. Create a New Document and tap Blank Word. Tap on  Font Option. Again tap on Font. A drop down menu appears. There are two options here All and Cloud. Click on Cloud and then Try now.

Screenshot_2013-12-29-14-07-36    Screenshot_2013-12-29-14-08-05     Screenshot_2013-12-29-15-27-28

     11. Sign in with your twitter account. (or the account you used to Login in step 5). After successful login, the fonts you uploaded earlier from your PC will be shown here under the cloud tab. Download them all. This is all you need to do. Now open any Word, Excel, PowerPoint File on your phone (using kingsoft Office app). You will be able to view and edit the file with proper font.

Screenshot_2013-12-29-15-35-59     Screenshot_2013-12-29-15-34-49    Screenshot_2013-12-29-15-37-57

Please leave your comments below if you have any problem at any step. You can also follow me on twitter


(note this tutorial is explained with android 4.2.2 settings running on a samsung galaxy grand smartphone)

1. Keep Background Data Restricted for certain apps

Most of the apps connect to internet by themselves even if they are not running in foreground, they eat your phone’s data as well as the battery life. By following this method you can not only save your internet data, also the battery life of your phone considerably. For this we have to restrict applications to use Background Data, so that they cannot connect to internet in background.
For certain apps which you don’t need to be running in background and consume data you can follow these steps to restrict them

Go to Settings-> Connections-> Data Usage


You can see your total data usage for a certain period (set by the user) here. Scroll down to see data usage by all apps and activites


Tap on any app to see the detail of data used. You can see the foreground and background data used by the app.


Scroll down. Select ‘Restrict background data’ option. A tick mark will be placed in the check box. You are done now.  Similarly do for other apps.

There are two benefits here, firstly your internet data is saved and you have more control over your data usage. Secondly it saves your phone’s battery as the apps are unable to connect to internet in background.

(Note: Do this trick for only those apps which you don’t want to be using internet in background. If you restrict apps like whatsapp, facebook etc., you will no longer be getting notifications of these apps. Some apps which can be restricted are Google Play Store, Google Services, Google Search, Software Update, Youtube etc. You can manually check updates for these apps after few days)