Here comes another tutorial which will guide you to install various fonts on your android phone so that they can be viewed in word, excel, power point files with the help of WPS Office. After completing this tutorial you can read/edit those documents which comes with fonts which are not otherwise present in your phone and they are not displayed properly.

Things you need:

  1. WPS Office installed on your phone.

  2. Various Punjabi, Hindi and other fonts which you need.

  3. ES File Explorer installed on your phone (Or any other capable file explorer).


  1. Install WPS Office from here (Size 21 mb, Latest version is 9.2 at the time of writing of this tutorial).

  2. Install ES File Explorer from here (Size 4.38 mb, Latest version is at the time of writing of this tutorial).

  3. Open WPS Office app once and close it.

  4. Open ES File Explorer on your phone and make hidden files visible. To do this tap on upper left Corner>Settings>Display Settings>Show hidden files. Make sure to ‘tick’ this option. Screenshots are given below for your help.

Screen 1    Screen 2    Screen 3      Screen 4

4. Place your fonts (Punjabi, Hindi, Others) in .fonts folder. For this Open ES Explorer, tap on Internal Memory Drive of your phone (usually denoted by 0) > Android > data > cn.wps.moffice_eng > .cache > KingsoftOffice > .fonts. Paste all your needed fonts in this folder. Check the screenshots for help.

Screen 5      Screen 6      Screen 7      Screen 8      Screen 9      Screen 10

In case if you need some popular punjabi fonts like AmrLipi, Anmollipi, Amritboli, Amrit-Lipi2, AmritLipi, AnmolKalmi, Asees, Joy, GurmukhiLys20 etc i have uploaded these for you. DOWNLOAD PUNJABI FONTS (Size 246kb, rar file, you have to extract these fonts from archive to use them)

5. Open WPS Office.

6. Now you will be able to view and use installed fonts. If not working, close WPS Office and open it again. 



Product : Mi Power Bank (10400mAh)

Model : NDY-02-AD     Colour: Silver

Price : Rs. 999 (as per Sept 2014)


Power Bank, USB Cable (about 16 cms length), User Guide



Charging Time : About 10 hours with 1.0 A charger, About 5.5 hours with 2.0 A charger

Capacity : 10400 mah

Weight : 252 grams (approx)

Ports : One USB port (output), One mini USB port (input), One Power check Button, 4 white LED Indicators


MI Power Bank is a portable charger available exclusively on Flipkart (India). You can charge any device which can be charged by a usb cable. It comes in a small box.


Flipkart Box


A small box

Its build quality is good with aluminium coating on top which is water and rust resistant.


Protective covering on ports


Peeling off the protective covering


Power Check Button, LED Lights, Input Port, Output Port

You can check the remaining power by pressing the power button on top. Each led light indicates 25% of the capacity. If on pressing the power button, only led 1 is blinking, it means your power bank is 25% charged. If 2 led lights are blinking then 50%, Similarly 4 flashing leds indicates that your Power Bank is fully charged. In the same way, while charging your Power Bank 4 led lights indicates the level of charge. If led 1 is stable and led 2 is blinking, it means your Power Bank is charged by 25%.


Information on bottom


1. Compact for the capacity

2. Good Build Quality

3. Good Performance

4. Good Value for money


1. Can only charge one phone at a time

2. No charger provided with the product

2. Led lights can’t be put off while charging phone


I will be comparing most of the aspects with Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 as it is my Primary Phone.


Model: Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG 8GB

1.6 ghz dual core intel atom processor with hyper threading


PowerVR 544SGXmp2 GPU

Android 4.3 (upgradable to Android 4.4 Kitkat)

5 inch HD IPS (294 ppi) display

8 MP auto focus rear camera with led flash

2 MP front Camera


Phone with Battery, Asus Earphones with ear plugs, Asus Charger, Asus Data Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card.




Zenfone 5 looks trendy and slim. Its built quality is very good. The back is made of plastic which is very soft to hands. Weight of the phone is 140 grams, feels much lighter then Grand 2 which weighs 163 grams. The phone is pretty slim, maximum width is 8.8 mm in center, from sides it is much more slimmer.

There is Notification LED which glows red when battery is low, Orange while the battery is charging, Green when the battery is fully charged, and Green if there is any notification. But the notification led is a tiny one, and is not visible from far away, only visible properly when you are looking from above the phone.






5 inch HD screen is a good one. Just slight color difference when tilted, otherwise good viewing angles. Colors are slightly dull in compare to Grand 2, say by 10%. Pixels are not visible as it packs a good pixel density of 294ppi. The display is quite reflective and you have to maximise the brightness in sunlight to view it properly. Also the display attracts finger prints easily. But the touch is very smooth and easy to operate. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the screen from minor scratches, so you don’t need a screen guard for this one. Overall the display quality is a very good one.


Out of 8 gb internal memory, 4.8 gb is available to install apps. Out of the 2 gb ram, about 1.4 gb ram is available on first boot. Once installed most apps can be moved to external card (along with data)

Screenshot_2013-11-09-11-00-34    Screenshot_2013-11-09-10-58-13


The phone runs completely lag free. The dual core processor actually work as a quad core one as it supports hyper threading. Installing apps takes half of the time when compared to Grand 2. The phone heats up a bit while gaming or other cpu intensive tasks and specially if the screen brightness is set to high, but its not a major concern.



Volume of speaker is not very loud. But its still good. Ringtone is loud, vibration is strong enough. During calls the audio reception is not of a great quality (only at highest audio level), but again its good enough. Microphone is good, there is no problem hearing your voice at the other end. Asus headphones are good ones.


Camera captures pretty good photos. By default it captures photos in 6MP (wide) format. But you can change it to 8MP (4:3) in settings. Photos captured in daylight are pretty good. In low light photos are bit grainy. Led flash is good for near objects. Led flash is weaker by 10-15% compared to Grand 2. Still the photos are good as you can see in samples. Full HD video recording is also of good quality. Front camera is also good.


(In Sunlight)


(Without Sunlight during day)


(In Sunlight)


(In complete dark with flash)


(Low light with flash)


Running Antutu Benchmark gives a score of 19608 which is a very good score. Antutu benchmark suggests graphics quality to be excellent, fluently supports large mobile games.

Screenshot_2014-08-21-22-14-53             Screenshot_2014-08-21-22-15-39


Most of the games i tried run lag free even on high settings. These include Asphalt 8, Rayman Fiesta Run, Temple Run OZ etc


2110 mah battery takes about 3 hours to fully charge from 0 to 100% (with single sim and data off). The battery life turned out to be average specially if you are using dual sim. But i found the battery life good enough when using single sim with power saving mode set to optimized mode. Battery falls by 1-2% overnight (with single sim and data off). With less usage, battery can easily last for more then 2 days as is evident from the screenshot below. (2 days 22 hours on battery includes phone calls of nearly 1 hour, 2 hours of internet over wifi, power saving mode on all the time, data off all time)


Other Features :

USB On The Go (OTG) support.

Accelerometer, proximity, light and magnetic sensors

Dual Sim (dual standby). Both sims are Micro Sims and both supports 3G. But 3G can be used only on 1 sim at a given time. Both sims supports WCDMA and GSM

MicroSd slot for support of memory cards upto 64 gb. It supports MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards.

Dual Microphones, one at the top and one at the bottom

Notification Led is present

Glove mode to use the touch screen with gloves

Phone supports Hindi font by default, and hindi language is visible in Whatsapp and other apps. Punjabi font is not supported

Wifi Direct, Wifi Hotspot, Tethering through USB, via Bluetooth is present. Wifi works fine.


Conclusion :

Asus Zenfone 5 is one of the best phone in the budget of Rs 10000 as of now. Asus also provides timely OTA updates to the phone, as you can see in the screenshot.



Any queries are welcome in comments below.


Quick Specs : 1.2 ghz quad core qualcomm processor, 1 gb ram, Adreno 305 gpu, Android 4.3, 4 inch tft display, Dual Sim (dual standby), 5 mp fixed focus rear camera.

Box Contents : Phone, Battery, Flip Cover, Earphones, Charger, Data Cable, Screen Guard, Warranty Card.

Design and Looks : Looks are not that great, as the phone is bulky (10.6 mm at width). Weight is 135 grams approx. But it is good for a budget phone. Build quality is average. A minor fall in my case, left 1/3rd of display ‘black’ on 2nd day of usage. Got it replaced for Rs 1800

Display : Tft Display has average viewing angles, brightness and color production. The display is of 480 x 800 resolution (233 ppi). Pixels are visible if you look close.

Storage : Out of 4 gb internal memory, 2.5 gb is available to the user. (1 gb of which is allocated to install apps). Out of the 1 gb ram only 924 mb ram is available. Free Ram on first boot is about 400 mb. Apps cannot be moved to external storage.

Performance : The interface of the phone is smooth. Navigating through menus is lag free. There is minor stutter sometimes while opening gallery etc. but its not a deal breaker. Lava has promised kitkat update for this one (mentioned on the box) which will make the phone a bit more fast.

Sound : The audio quality is good and loud.

Benchmarks : Running Antutu Benchmark gives a score of 16596 which is good score considering the budget.


Camera : Camera Quality is good for a budget phone. The shots in daylight are good. But indoors the shots turns out to be grainy (as with most phones). The led flash isn’t that great when taking night shots. Phone supports HDR, Panorama, Continuous Shot etc.  Video recording is in 720p resolution and is of ok quality. Front camera is bad.









(Indoor in lights)

Gaming : The phone is good at gaming. I played Temple Run Oz on high settings, the gameplay was smooth and lag free. The box mentions the gpu as ‘Adreno 302’, but actually it is ‘Adreno 305’


Battery : Battery life of the phone is average (1700 mah). Specially if the screen brightness is set anywhere from mid level to high, the battery drains quite fast. You can expect 8-10 hours on medium usage. 

Other Features : USB On The Go is not supported. There are accelerometer, proximity and light sensors. It supports 2 normal sims. There is a microsd slot as well.


Conclusion : Lava Iris 406q is a good phone performance wise. But i am not impressed with its looks and build quality. Phone with similar or better features are now available in this budget. Like Xolo Q600s, Moto E and Micromax Unite 2. Micromax Unite 2 definitely looks better bet then this.

 Any queries are welcome in comments below.


2014-03-31 13.05.03

Quick Specs : 1.4 ghz quad core qualcomm processor, 1 gb ram, Adreno 305 gpu, Android 4.3, 6 inch IPS tft display, Dual Sim (dual standby), 13 mp rear camera.

Box Contents :

Design and Looks : The phone is huge with 6 inch screen and will not fit in your jeans pocket easily. Only buy this if it is ok with you to handle such size. Phone looks slim. There is a notification led in front.

Display : IPS tft Display has good viewing angles, brightness and color production. Its definitely better then closest rival Grand 2. Its very hard to spot the pixels (245 ppi). Overall the display looks nice. Display as well as the back of the phone is a finger print magnet, back is glossy. Touch is smooth.

Storage : Out of 8 gb internal memory, 4.8 gb is available to the user to install apps. Out of the 1 gb ram only 865 mb ram is available. After installing some basic apps like MX Player, Whatsapp etc free ram available is nearly 300 mb, which looks less if you are in to heavy multitasking.

Performance : The interface of the phone is lag free. There is no lag anywhere in the phone. It is smooth and fast. This applies to navigating through apps and checking photos in gallery. Everything is instant and lag free.

Sound : The audio quality is good. But it is not loud. Overall its speaker is of average loudness.

Benchmarks : Running Antutu Benchmark gives a score of 19392

Camera :

Gaming :

Battery :

Other Features : USB On The Go is supported. It is not a dual active phone. You can only forward a call from one sim to other sim which may incur you charges. (just like samsung phones)

Conclusion :

 Any queries are welcome in comments below.



Quick Specs : 1.3 ghz quad core mediatek mt6582 CPU, Mali 400 mp GPU, 1 gb ram, 4 gb internal memory, 4.5 inch ips display with 480 x 854 pixels (217 ppi), 8.3 mega pixel camera, Android 4.2.2, 1800 mah battery

Box Contents : Phone, Charger, Data Cable, Screen Guard, Headphones, Warranty Card, Quick Start Guide.

Design and Looks : Xolo Q700s is stylish and slim (8.9mm). The back of the phone looks metallic (actually plastic) and gives a premium look to the phone. Phone is available in two colours, silver and golden. Front colour is black in both. The phone is easy to carry and easy to operate with one hand. Sensors include Accelerometer, Proximity and ambient light.

Display : Display has good viewing angles, brightness and color production. Still experts can spot the pixels (217 ppi). Overall the display looks nice. Front side of the phone is a finger print magnet. Touch screen is easy to operate. Still the touch is not as good as Samsung phones. It is good in itself though.

Storage : Out of 4 gb internal memory, 1.73 gb is available to the user to install apps. Free ram on first boot is nearly 800 mb (out of 973 mb). Apps can be moved to SD Card. (note that not all apps are movable to sd card)

Performance : The interface of the phone is lag free. There is no lag anywhere in the phone. It is smooth and fast. This applies to navigating through apps and checking photos in gallery. Everything is instant and lag free.

Sound : The voice quality during calls is good and clearly audible. It has a good microphone too. But when you listen to music, the speaker is not that loud. Its average, but still the clarity of sound is good.

Benchmarks : Running Antutu Benchmark gives a score of 17166 on day 1. 17467  on 2nd run after few days.

Camera : The camera captures good photos in daylight. But in low light conditions the photos are average. If we compare photo quality with galaxy s duos 2, then S duos 2 photos appears much better. It captures photos in 3840 x 2160 resolution (wide) by default. (You can change this setting from ‘Camera Settings>Preview Size>Standard 4:3’ to capture photos in 3264×2448 resolution). Camera supports HDR mode, Panorama and Continuous shot upto 99 photos. Video is captured in 1088p @ 30 fps (you have to select ‘fine’ quality to record in Full HD). Videos are of average quality too. The camera keeps on adjusting brightness during capture and final output doesn’t look very smooth. Hope a firmware update will arrive to fix this. Another disappointment is that the videos are captured in 3gpp format. I have found no setting to change the format.


(In Sunlight)


(Indoor during daytime)


(Outdoor in evening low light condition)

Gaming : Just tried ‘Temple Run OZ’ on high settings. Played it for 15 mins. There is no lag and gameplay is totally smooth. Seems like the phone can run most of the games easily.

Battery : The battery took nearly 3 hours to fully charge. (from 0 to 100 %). The phone gives a decent amount of battery standby (600 hrs as stated by xolo). During first night i kept the phone with internet off, for like 8 hours (with both sims on) and the battery was not dropped even by a single percent (72% at night and same in the morning). Second day the battery dropped just 1% overnight. Even if you are using the phone regularly the battery can easily last for more then 12 hours. And with lesser usage you can expect it to last for 2-3 days easily. It also gives 23 hours of talktime which is great.

Other Features : The phone supports usb mass storage. USB OTG is however not supported. There is wi fi direct to share files. The phone supports two regular sims. It also has memory card support. There are apps like Xolo Secure which keeps your device safe from theft and data loss. Another app which comes pre installed is Xolo Power which helps in saving the battery in different ways.

Conclusion : Xolo Q700s is good looking, lag free and have decent battery. Still camera quality and touch is bit inferior to Samsung phones. Overall its a good buy for less then 10k rupees.

 Any queries are welcome in comments below. You can also follow me on twitter