Product : Mi Power Bank (10400mAh)

Model : NDY-02-AD     Colour: Silver

Price : Rs. 999 (as per Sept 2014)


Power Bank, USB Cable (about 16 cms length), User Guide



Charging Time : About 10 hours with 1.0 A charger, About 5.5 hours with 2.0 A charger

Capacity : 10400 mah

Weight : 252 grams (approx)

Ports : One USB port (output), One mini USB port (input), One Power check Button, 4 white LED Indicators


MI Power Bank is a portable charger available exclusively on Flipkart (India). You can charge any device which can be charged by a usb cable. It comes in a small box.


Flipkart Box


A small box

Its build quality is good with aluminium coating on top which is water and rust resistant.


Protective covering on ports


Peeling off the protective covering


Power Check Button, LED Lights, Input Port, Output Port

You can check the remaining power by pressing the power button on top. Each led light indicates 25% of the capacity. If on pressing the power button, only led 1 is blinking, it means your power bank is 25% charged. If 2 led lights are blinking then 50%, Similarly 4 flashing leds indicates that your Power Bank is fully charged. In the same way, while charging your Power Bank 4 led lights indicates the level of charge. If led 1 is stable and led 2 is blinking, it means your Power Bank is charged by 25%.


Information on bottom


1. Compact for the capacity

2. Good Build Quality

3. Good Performance

4. Good Value for money


1. Can only charge one phone at a time

2. No charger provided with the product

2. Led lights can’t be put off while charging phone


One thought on “MI POWER BANK REVIEW

  1. saya sudah melakukan tips poin 2 dan 3 untuk point 1 menyusul , info yang sangat menarik, sepertinya harus dicoba 🙂

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